Movement Guides

Movement Guides

Jun 19 Dr4ma  

This Page is for all the new guys that want to learn movement in quake champions. Movement is very important in quake champions.  It can help with securing Items faster, It can help you to stay alive longer by making your escape quicker.

There is two types of movement in Quake Champions. CPMA  movement which Anarki and Sorlag use and then we have the VQ3 movement, AKA bunny hopping or Strafe Jumping.

The videos below will help you master these two types of movement. Remember practice is key. GL HF

Quake Champions – CPM Tutorial (Sorlag and Anarki Movement Guide)


Quake Champions – Slash Movement Tutorial (Crouch Slide)



How to Circle Jump and Strafe Jump EXPLAINED



How to STRAFE JUMP | In-game Display | Quake Champions



How to move fast in Quake Champions



Some Cool trick Jumps


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