Quake Champions mouse settings Guide!

Quake Champions mouse settings Guide!

May 09 Dr4ma  

For many years, in my career as a quake player, I have been fixated on mouse settings. I wouldn’t say I was obsessed but I had a healthy addiction to fine-tuning mouse settings.

Well, let’s break this down right now and try to understand why it’s important to have the best settings according to your style of play.

One day while pondering my quake style of play, and running scenarios and replays through my mind of important games I played, I realized one thing.

My opponent either out aimed me or our fight was so close that either my enemy survived with little health or the other way around.

I was also pondering how to become a better DM/TDM/CA player. To win any of these modes you need to be a very aggressive player with a high frag count. With a very good aim, this becomes achievable.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that my aim is what could make the difference in securing that all-important Frag and winning the game. This was just one aspect and obviously, you need brains to win. But brains and aim is a deadly combination.

And so my journey began on discovering the best mouse settings and understanding why they work for me.


How to use this Guide:

Please be aware of the following. Everyone is different, with different mice, hand size and we all have different levels of aim. This is not the Gold standard of Guides when it comes to mouse settings.

Take out of the Guide what’s important for you and incorporate into your own settings.

The other way to use this guide is to take all the settings that I will outline here, incorporate but make changes to the settings to Fine tune it to your liking.

So let’s begin!


What’s the perfect mouse to use?

So this is a very popular subject that has many internet gamers losing sleep at night. The real simple answer is that there is no perfect mouse out there. There are very Good ones, yes but not perfect.

The point I’m trying to make here is that don’t go chasing every shiny new mouse that hits the market because a mouse alone is not going to make you aim better.

But, you might be saying, well then what is the best mouse to use for quake champions. Well, I’m glad you asked.

I have been playing quake now off and on for about 20 years, all the way back from Q2 online right through to quake champions. There were many long breaks in between, sometimes a few years where I haven’t played quake.


In that 20 years, I have used only three different mice to play quake with. The first mouse was the famous and my all-time favorite Logitech MX310.


Then came the Famous WMO 1.1A. I was lucky with the WMO mice. One day I was in a second-hand computer store and there laying around were these beautiful discarded all scuffed up WMO mice. I bought all ten that day for R40 each.




Still have a few laying around. If you don’t know the history of the WMO 1.1a mouse and how popular that mouse was in quake then Google is your best friend.  You can still get them off eBay if you would like to try one.

And then thirdly I decided to go with something more modern and opted for the Zowie FK2.

There is something that all of these mice had in common and why they were killing machines in my hands. The first was the fact that all three mice could easily poll at 500mhz.

However, you need to install additional software for the Logitech MX310 and the WMO 1.1A to poll at 500 Hz. Once that was sorted the mouse could poll 500 Hz easily.

The second was the size of my hand and how each mouse fitted perfectly in my hand.

Introducing the best YouTube channel when it comes to mice and quake in General. Rocket Jump ninja has been playing quake for almost 20 years and in my opinion, gives the best reviews when it comes to choosing a new mouse.



This is the review that made me choose the  Zowie FK2.

Zowie FK2 Review

In the review video, he goes into detail about the size of the mouse and how to measure your hand and mouse to find the perfect fit.  This three mice that I played quake with all had this perfect fit in my hand.

And for me, it makes perfect sense to have a mouse that basically fits like a glove in your hand for precise aiming. So if you in the market for a new mouse, I would start here.


Removing Mouse acceleration from Windows!

Now that you have your perfect mouse, it’s time to fine-tuning your settings to get the best out of your mouse. Let’s begin with Mouse acceleration in Windows. When it comes to quake and aiming, it’s imperative to remove Mouse acceleration from the windows OS.

This can affect your aim or make your mouse fast to track especially when it comes to LG tracking. It also causes jitters and weird mouse tracking that doesn’t feel smooth.

The best way to remove accel from windows is by using the MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix.

The patch can be downloaded HERE

Download the patch and follow the instruction. Then restart your pc and move onto the next part.


Best Mouse Polling rate and DPI to use?

If you are new to the Quake franchise then I would highly recommend the following settings. Set your mouse to 500hz polling rate and 400 dpi. You can check your mouse polling rate by Going HERE.

You might be asking why use such a low DPI?

Here is a couple of things to take note of. Firstly a higher DPI does not mean your aim will be more precise. In fact, I would argue that it’s the opposite cause it makes the mouse too fast.

For Quake Champions you want a constant, smooth, medium to slightly fast-tracking.

Quake champions or the quake franchise are one of the fastest FPS games where constant precise aiming is required. The game is already fast, why would you want your mouse to be just as fast?

In Quake Champions, you need a smooth mouse that is responsive to small flick movements or quick 180 degree turns.

You need to think of mouse polling rate and mouse Hz as the foundation on which you going to build your perfect settings.

With a 500 Hz polling rate and 400DPI you can easily increase sensitivity in-game and play with accel in-game while still keeping that smooth mouse tracking but with a slightly faster sensitivity that matches your style of play or enemy dodge.

Both Clawz and Cypher are still using 400DPI and I’m not sure on the polling rate but I would guess they still using 500 Hz.











When you become more experienced then you could easily move to 800 DPI and 1000hz polling rate.

When you do this you will have to almost lower your in-game sensitivity by half.

These are my current settings at the moment. When I was playing Shase in the DGL match,

I was using 500hz polling rate and 400 DPI. I have changed once again to 800 DPI and left it on 500HZ.



Use the middle 6/11 pointer speed setting?

In windows go to your control panel. Then head over to your mouse settings. Make sure the setting is in the 6th position as this gives you an exact 1-to-1 in-game response. Save and restart your pc.



This is a hard one to tackle. Everyone has their own perfect sensitivity they use that works for them. So how can I recommend a sensitivity for you to use? The answer is I cant but I can advise you on what I use to do.

Firstly. If you went ahead and are using 400DPI and 500 Hz polling rate then I would advise testing the best sensitivity between 2.5 and 4.5.

What I use to do was look at the pros settings. If they using the same DPI and polling rate then I would look at the following settings. Their sensitivity, yaw and pitch and are they using accel?

I would copy their sensitivity first and see how it feels. Does it feel to fast or to slow? Depending on whether the mouse feels to slow or fast, I would start increasing or decreasing my sensitivity in small increments.



When your aim starts to feel responsive and on point then I would do the following.

The more on point your aim feels the smaller the sensitivity increments become.  Once you feel like you found the sweet spot then move over to yaw and pitch.

At this point, there is still wiggle room. By that I mean you got your sweet spot but your mouse might still be slightly fast or LG tracking is good but it’s not perfect yet. This can be said with any weapon, it’s good but not perfect yet.

This is where yaw and pitch are going to help you smooth out the mouse for that perfect smooth feeling.


Yaw and Pitch and why they important!

Over the years while looking at other South African Quakers config’s, one thing I always noticed is that players always left the yaw and pitch on their standard defaults.

This, in my opinion, is a big mistake and I will attempt to explain why it’s so important to lower these settings.

So what is Yaw and pitch? The simple answer is Yaw is your mouse movement Left and Right and Pitch is Up and Down. So let just pause there for a second.

Have you noticed sometimes that when you have an LG on an enemy, that it’s hard to track him? Your mouse might be just slightly to fast.

This is where Yaw comes in to help track your enemy perfectly. Yaw helps you with the following weapons. Lightning Gun, Rocket launcher, NailGun, Shot Gun, and Rail.

The standard Yaw and Pitch settings are 0.022. I would advise the following settings if you trying it out for the first time. Make pitch 0.020 and Yaw 0.018.

Then once you are use too that yaw and pitch settings, consider reducing pitch to 0.018 and yaw to 0.016

Yaw and Pitch work directly with sensitivity. If the mouse feels to slow then increase sensitivity in small increments to get that perfect feeling.


Why Yaw is so important!

Most enemy’s when it comes to dodging move left to right or vice versa. It’s the common most used form of dodge. This is the standard from where other dodge techniques come from.

By lowering your Yaw you are matching the speed of the enemy dodge with more precise tracking while still maintaining the perfect sensitivity.

Another way to say this is that your sensitivity is still normal but when your mouse moves left to right and vice versa it’s slowed down just a little to give that perfect tracking.

The same tracking works perfectly for rocket aiming. What you don’t want is a fast moving mouse shooting rockets all around your enemy but making no contact.

Watch closely how your enemy is dodging or jumping. Keep your mouse stable and when he moves a certain direction, move the mouse to where he’s going to land and fire. Because the yaw is lower, this type of aiming becomes much easier and precise.


The Yaw and Pitch Rules!

You don’t want to make the gap to big between your pitch and yaw. The difference must never be more than 3 basis points. In fact, the best is two. So if you using a pitch of 0.020, your yaw should be 0.018.

The reason for this is that it makes the mouse feel weird because up and down is too fast while left and right is to slow.

So always keep the difference at two basis points for optimal results.


How to use accel!

This is a tricky subject because firstly not everyone uses accel and some peeps overuse it. Also everyone has different sensitivity settings. When I do use accel, this is how I use it. I’m not saying that this is the perfect way to use it but it’s what works for me.

So say you have the perfect settings. Sensitivity, yaw pitch are all on point. Your aim is ok but you notice that you missing rails or the enemy dodge is slightly faster than your tracking. This can happen for a few reasons.

The Placebo effect is wearing off, your mouse pad has become dirty or you just having an off day.

For whatever reason, if you want to increase your accel, start by increasing in small increments. I would start with 0.001 and increase it slightly to get that perfect feeling.

Just a side note: this might make your rails more on point but it might affect your LG tracking. So play around with it and pay attention to how effects your aim for different weapons.

If it’s not working, or your aim just feels whack then I suggest you get some OMO and wash your mouse pad and reset you’re your accel to 0.000. By washing your mouse pad, the mouse will feel faster again.


Best recommended Crosshair to use with your new settings.

Since Quake Champions has introduced a variety of different Crosshairs, I have been playing around with a few different crosshairs.

From the circle, to cross to bigger and smaller. In QL almost everyone used keel as the Force enemy model. This means the enemy always had the same type of movement. Things are however way different in Quake Champions.

You have different size enemy models with different size hit boxes and different speeds to contend with. For me personally my favorite go-to weapons are Rocket launcher, Rail, and Lightning Gun.

Because you have different size enemies in quake Champions, the circle crosshair has become challenging to use because of the smaller enemies like Nyx and Anarki.

Therefore after months of testing, personally I would recommend the three cross, crosshairs to use. They almost basically the same just different sizes.

These crosshairs are the best to use, for LG tracking, rocket placement and rail shots in combination with the settings I have outlined above.



They are small and gives you the best precision on all size and speed champions. The best colors to use are first yellow and then white. These colors are the best to use as they don’t clash with the surrounding colors of the maps. The fourth croshair is what I will be testing in the coming weeks.


Best Fov and Monitor to use with your Mouse settings!

So does Fov affect mouse speed and precision? The answer is yes and no. In theory it shouldn’t but then why does your mouse feel faster on your Fov. It’s because your Fov is too small.

If you have a perfect Fov that works for you and you never change it, then change the sensitivity to match the Fov.

Or if you have become comfortable changing your settings on the Fly and you would like to try different Fov settings, Change the Fov and see If you like it.

If it has potential but the mouse feels to fast then adjust the sensitivity First and play around with it.

Do Not change the Yaw and Pitch as these values should remain the same, it’s only the sensitivity that should change.

So what is the best Fov to use with your new settings? There is no correct Fov to use, but I would recommend the following.

Start with a Fov of 120. This is the best Fov to use which makes your Champion feel fast but your enemy doesn’t feel so far away and small.

Once you become comfortable with this Fov and would like to become more precise with your aim then try lowering the Fov in increments of 2. So if you using a fov of 120, decrease to 118 and so forth.

Right click on the images and open in new tab to see the difference between the two Fov’s


Just remember, the smaller the Fov, the more slower your champion will feel and the enemy player feels closer to the screen. It also makes turning around on an enemy that sneaked up on you challenging. This will require a more precise aim and I would recommend this only for more experienced players.


Which Monitor Should I have?

If you don’t have one already, I don’t care Homie, if you beg, borrow or steal but if you don’t have a 144 Hz monitor, you are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to other players that have one.

A 144 Hz monitor just makes everything feel smooth and sexy. If it makes Gameplay smooth and crisp, imagine how easier it is to track and firstly see your crosshair amongst all the weapon firing, dodging and map graphics.

This is, of course, the cherry on the cake. By having a 144 Hz monitor, you are making your quake champions smooth as hell.

In fact, if you haven’t seen quake Champions on a 144 Hz monitor and you see it for the first time, you will ask what sorcery is this! Because it looks so damn smooth.

Go back to you 60 Hz or 85 Hz monitor and for the first time in your life, you will notice the display lag on your screen. It’s not pleasant.

So yes I would say by having a 144hz monitor, it is a help to mouse movement because firstly there is no screen lag which means your mouse movement is super easy to track and the crosshair is super easy to see.

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