Rush Quake Champions Results

Rush Quake Champions Results

Jul 03 Dr4ma  

The Rush event that took place at the Sun Arena at Times Square in Pretoria was in my eyes a success and the start of many bigger and better events yet to come. This year saw the introduction of Quake Champions.

Online qualifiers started two weeks before the event and 8 qualified to battle it out for a MSI Gaming Notebook with i7 and GTX 1060 for 1st place and a MSI GK70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for 2nd place.

The 8 that qualified are Ph4ntom, Stat1c, Anonymou5, KaoticZA, Void, Dr4ma, cYan1D3, and Shase. The quake Champions tournament had its own dedicated stage, with a big screen and viewer seating.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank MSI and Evetech for hosting the Quake Champions tournament. I know you guys could have chosen many other games for the Tournament but from every Quaker in South Africa we would like to say thank you and we look forward to the next Big Quake champions Tournament.


Walking into the arena, really made you feel like a professional gamer. This was largely due to the setup of the event, the lighting, the support staff and the atmosphere. For the most part, all the Quakers seemed relaxed and confident.



I have to commend all the Quakers that were at the event. They are a real friendly bunch of guys with everyone Eager to help sort out any problems that we had. No matter who won or lost everyone received congratulations, respect and well played from all the Quakers.

But make no mistake, everyone that competed came to win and cause upsets. The competition was electrifying with everyone cheering and shouting for their favourite player to win.

This was my First time on stage, playing on really cool Gear and with a big screen behind you. I won’t lie, it felt surreal and slightly nerve-wracking. Playing at many lans has helped to ease the nerves but this was certainly different.

The first matchup saw Ph4ntom vs Stat1c. Stat1c showed some skill and wasn’t easy to push over however it was Ph4ntom that took a convincing win to move into the Semi-finals.



Next up was KaoticZA vs Anonymou5. Kaoticza played well and really showed some great skill and tricks and again this time the many years of Duel experience from Anonymou5 saw him win his matches to move onto the semi-finals.



Void vs Dr4ma was certainly an interesting matchup. Void is a highly calculated, patient and unpredictable player.

His major strengths are knowing what his opponent is doing, what the correct weapons to use for different fights and taking crazy chances and winning the fight exchanges.

One of the other strengths he has is changing his play style from passive to aggressive at any moment. This certainly caught me by surprise and well played to void for advancing to the semi-finals.



There are two games that really stood out for me and the first one was Cyan1D3 vs Shase. Both players seemed determined to win. The determination and concentration on Cyan1D3’s face was clearly visible. He came to win.

Shase knew from the very beginning that Cyan1D3 would not be easy to take out. Cyan1D3 has been practicing hard which has seen many improvements to his duel game.

For a guy that has only dueled for 8 months, he certainly has a lot of talent and skill and understands the game very well.

He is a very good mechanical player with impeccable aim and a keen understanding of dueling. His closest game was on Blood Covenant and had he won the outcome could have been different.

However, it was Shase with his impeccable ability to play just as confident out of control that saw him move into the Semi-finals. Well played to both Cyan1D3 and Shase.



The next game that I was really excited to watch was Void vs Shase. I have spoken about voids Style of play. Shase, on the other hand, is a different player altogether.

Shase has incredible aim, mechanical ability, sharp and quick thinking, the timing of major items evens under high pressure and the ability to adapt to any players fighting style and always having the upper hand by choosing the best positions before engaging in a fight. There is a reason why he is one of the best in the country.

However going into the match, I believed that Voids style of play counters Shase style of play. The unpredictable and careful play style from Void certainly kept Shase on his toes. At one point it could have been anyone’s game to progress to the finals.



There was a long time that Shase was under pressure and Void seemed very dominant because yet again he changed his style play from careful, tactical thinking to calculated aggressive attacks. It took a while for Shase to adapt but in the end, he figured out what to do which brought about an exciting and nail-biting close game. Well played to Shase for advancing to the Finals.

Ph4ntom vs Shase final as predicted by many was the climax of the quake Champions tournament. I would highly recommend watching the finals again because I am sure you missed some great tricks that saw the one player overcome the other in close nail-biting fights.



The only thing I will say about this matchup is that both players played at an incredibly high pace and with incredible skill. Who won the fight exchanges came down to Chip damage, estimating the other opponent’s stack amount and some incredible dodge and aim ability.

In the end, there can be only one victor and that belonged to Ph4ntom on this Day. Good Games and Well played to both players for a wonderful and thrilling final.


I would like to also take this opportunity to thank MSI and Evetech again for hosting the quake Champions Tournament and to all the players that watched the streams. Word has it that we had more views on the videos than Counter-Strike.  So thank you to all the community that supported and cheered for the players.



Some interesting news but not confirmed yet, that a big 2v2 Quake Champions tournament will be hosted again this year by MSI and I’m not sure if Evetech is involved. There will be bigger and more prizes up for grabs.


If you missed the live stream then you are in luck. All the vods can be found HERE.


This is not confirmed yet so why not go ahead and show your support by liking there social media pages. In this way, you will also be kept up to date when the 2v2 competition gets announced.

So get to the grinding boys and Girls. Get your partner and start practicing your 2v2. I will be starting this week.


  • Jul 3, 2018 @ 18:36 pm

    Great article Drama! Thanks again to MSI and evetech for the amazing prizes and all the work and effort they put into hosting this event for us!

  • Shase
    Jul 3, 2018 @ 18:47 pm

    Great read, great event, see you gents next time!

  • Jul 3, 2018 @ 20:01 pm

    Very nice! was glad to be apart of the comp and great to see quake in full swing again. I watched the stream from practically beginning to end and it kept me on my toes all the way through. wp guys!

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