Valhalla Cup – 2v2 Online Tournament

Valhalla Cup – 2v2 Online Tournament

Aug 01 Void  
We are hosting an exciting online event in August for a Quake Champions 2vs2 Tournament. We hope to announce some sponsors for our tournaments shortly.
Quake Champions – Valhalla Cup – 2v2 Online Tournament


Total prize pool: R2000 + Entrance fees

1st place: 30% of total prize pool
2nd place: 25% of total prize pool
3rd place: 20% of total prize pool
4th place: 15% of total prize pool
5th place: 10% of total prize pool


Starts 12PM on Sunday 26 August until 19:00 same day depending on entries.
– R100 a Ticket per team on (R50 per player).


Valhalla beginners loyalty cup
Entrance into this event earns you 10 Valhalla points. Each game you lose earns you +1 point, and each game you win earns you -1 point.


At a future point in time we plan to host a Valhalla beginners loyalty cup which will require a certain amount of Valhalla points to enter.


We plan to set the threshold at a level that eliminates teams that are too experienced as well as teams that have not played in enough Valhalla cups. So if you’re new to the game, you’ll have a great chance at earning some prizes down the road as long as you keep up your participation in the Valhalla cups.


Special thanks goes to Zephora Fragrance for offering to Sponsor the top 5 prizes.
Please head over to their facebook page here to show our thanks for the awesome prizes!


Thanks also goes to Johan Troffel who assisted with the design work for the cup!
Thanks Johan! Heres his email if anyone is interested in design work:


Join us for our first awesome Valhalla Cup for Quake Champions.

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